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 how to kill jaddy!! (:<

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PostSubject: how to kill jaddy!! (:<   Sat Sep 12, 2009 5:05 am

Firstly, these are the requirements for the 3 combat styles :p
melee -
99 atk
99 str
99 def
and 99 prayah
bring atleast - x8-10 pray pots,sharks = any amount depending on how much items are in your inventt, any gs,a fast weapon (whip, d scim etc), armour around the level or bandos or void.
mage-(preffered way)
99 mage
99 def
50 atk
and 80-99 prayer since u dont need much prayer
bring atleast - 90k deaths,300k waters, 10k bloods(should be 50k ice barrages sorry if im wrong, i fail maths),good mage armour e.g mystic, ahrims,infinity,ancient staff,x5 prayer pots if ur fcing through walls, and the rest sharks incase u make the wrong prayer against the 360s.
99 def
99 range
99 prayer
50 agility (if ur using crystal bow)
bring atleast - afew 1k's of rune arrows if ur using mage bow,good range arm e.g karils, 3a range, black dhide, x8 prayer pots, x5 range pots,x15 sharks
method for crystal bow (50+ agil)-bring atleast 5 bows im presuming,x8 prayer pots,5x range pots,x15 sharks, good range arm.
mage + range (hybirding i think)-
99 def
50 atk
50 agility(if ur using crystal bow)
80+ prayer
99 range
99 mage
bring atleast (for normal mage bow)-afew k's of rune arrows, 90k deaths, 300k waters,10k bloods, ancients spellbook,5x prayer pots, range pots, possibly mage pots,and DEFINETLY sharks.
method for crystal bow - atleast 5 crystal bows (50 agility needed),90k deaths,300k waters,10k bloods,ancients spell,and sharks,wear a good combination of range + mage e.g- black dhide bottoms + vambs + ahrims/infinity tops and bottoms
You would fight in the following waves:
Wave 1: 1x22
Wave 2: 2x22
Wave 3: 1x45
Wave 4: 1x45
Wave 5: 1x45
Wave 6: 2x45
Wave 7: 1x90
Wave 8: 1x90 1x22
Wave 9: 1x90 2x22
Wave 10: 1x90 1x45
Wave 11: 1x90 1x45 1x22
Wave 12: 1x90 1x45 2x22
Wave 13: 1x90 2x45
Wave 14: 2x90
Wave 15: 1x180
Wave 16: 1x180 1x22
Wave 17: 1x180 2x22
Wave 18: 1x180 1x45
Wave 19: 1x180 1x45 1x22
Wave 20: 1x180 1x45 2x22
Wave 21: 1x180 2x45
Wave 22: 1x180 1x90
Wave 23: 1x180 1x90 1x22
Wave 24: 1x180 1x90 2x22
Wave 25: 1x180 1x90 1x45
Wave 26: 1x180 1x90 1x45 1x22
Wave 27: 1x180 1x90 1x45 2x22
Wave 28: 1x180 1x90 2x45
Wave 29: 1x180 2x90
Wave 30: 2x180
Wave 31: 1x360
Wave 32: 1x360 1x22
Wave 33: 1x360 2x22
Wave 34: 1x360 1x45
Wave 35: 1x360 1x45 1x22
Wave 36: 1x360 1x45 2x22
Wave 37: 1x360 2x45
Wave 38: 1x360 1x90
Wave 39: 1x360 1x90 1x22
Wave 40: 1x360 1x90 2x22
Wave 41: 1x360 1x90 1x45
Wave 42: 1x360 1x90 1x45 1x22
Wave 43: 1x360 1x90 1x45 2x22
Wave 44: 1x360 1x90 2x45
Wave 45: 1x360 2x90
Wave 46: 1x360 1x180
Wave 47: 1x360 1x180 1x22
Wave 48: 1x360 1x180 2x22
Wave 49: 1x360 1x180 1x45
Wave 50: 1x360 1x180 1x45 1x22
Wave 51: 1x360 1x180 1x45 2x22
Wave 52: 1x360 1x180 2x45
Wave 53: 1x360 1x180 1x90
Wave 54: 1x360 1x180 1x90 1x22
Wave 55: 1x360 1x180 1x90 2x22
Wave 56: 1x360 1x180 1x90 1x45
Wave 57: 1x360 1x180 1x90 1x45 1x22
Wave 58: 1x360 1x180 1x90 1x45 2x22
Wave 59: 1x360 1x180 1x90 2x45
Wave 60: 1x360 1x180 2x90
Wave 61: 1x360 2x180
Wave 62: 2x360
Wave 63: 1x702(jaddy!!^^) 4x108(healers)

well, the waves 1-63 is similar to chaos lol
i hope this guide helped you own jaddy Twisted Evil
and please tell me if i missed anything (:
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im real pb
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PostSubject: Re: how to kill jaddy!! (:<   Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:35 pm

very nice guide but i think it was sebi's or somone elses who was more organized but was esigned for pures only Surprised
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how to kill jaddy!! (:<
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